Keep track of the hours you put onto a project

Find out how this handy tool can keep track of your daily tasks to track the hours you put into projects and even billing for hourly rates.

What does the Project Task Manager Do?

✔ Track hours worked on a project.

✔ Get your total billing amount for set periods worked.

✔ Share your progress with your client or project manager.

✔ Create reports for selected periods.

✔ Help you work out your invoice amounts in seconds.

✔ See how much money 💰💰💰 you are earning per hour, daily, weekly, monthly and more!

✔ U.S. Flag: United States on Google Android 12L or U.K. Date formats.

✔ Get set up in minutes!

Let this Google Sheet do all the heavy lifting. Just enter what you are working on and your start and end time. The Google Sheet will handle the rest.

The best thing is that it is completely customisable and quick to integrate into your other Google Sheets to Google Workspace documents.

Who is this Google Sheets Project Manager Tool For?

✔ Freelancers

✔ Self-employed contractors

✔ Project Managers

✔ Students

Anybody who needs a fast way to keep track of their daily progress on projects with the minimum of fuss.

Google Sheets Project Tasks Manager - Daily Input
Enter What you are working on Each day

Just enter what you are working on and your start time.

When you are done, enter your end time.

Total hours and the date will be added automatically.

At then end of the day hit Submit for Day. And your daily tasks will be added to the Task List.

Google Sheets Project Tasks - Completed Tasks
Check out all the of Your Completed Tasks

You can check out all of your completed tasks in the Task List tab. Check out the hours for each task, what day or period you completed your task.

Google Sheets Project Tasks - Periods
Look at selected and customizable time periods

Select a time period (That you can customize) and see:

  • What you worked on.
  • How many hours you worked for that period
  • How much you earned for that period.
Google Sheets Project Task List - Specific Range Sheet
View your complete tasks over a specific range

Select any start and end date to get the specific range you want to look and and see see what you worked on.

Google Sheets Project Tasks - Notes tab
Easily Customize your Project Task Manager in Seconds

Quickly set up your date ranges, hourly rate, currency and even add your logo to the pages in seconds with the Notes sheet tab editor and then hide the sheet tab.

Why get this Project Tasks Manager Google Sheet?

Bottom is going to save you time.

If you spend a few dollars and a few minutes setting up this tool then you can focus on what you are good at rather than spending way too much time ( =$ ) on setting up your own Task Manager.

Remember. Your time is precious. Don't waste it on the mundane.

Plus if you want to update this tool or customise it further down the track. Well, it's not some alien piece of software. It's a Google Sheet. You can change it however you want!

What's in the box?

You'll get:

✔ Your choice of US or UK date style for your Google Sheet template.

✔ An example template for you to see how it all works.

✔ Written and video instructions.

✔ Support in the comments section.

✔ An exclusive opportunity to provide your feedback and wishlist to improve and expand this tool.

✔ Your very own copy of the Google Sheet tool for you to update and even modify if you want to.

Constantly Improving

I'm always improving and tinkering on these products. As a part of your purchase, you will get ongoing access to this tools folder and repositories.

If an extra quirk or improvement is added, you will get it for FREE.

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